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HBV DNA Quantitative

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Clinical outcome

Presenting our precise clinical experience with HOO-IMM PLUS treatment for acute and chronic viral Hepatitis.

HBV DNA Quantitative

Quantification of HBV DNA reflects the viral load which plays a critical role in determining the phase of infection, deciding the treatment and determining the response to anti-viral treatment.

Case 1: Patient dropped Tenofovir

In this present study, HBV patients receiving conventional Tenofovir had to drop the treatment due to poor compliance (developing jaundice within the interval of 15 days and incidence of elevated SGPT & SGOT level) also virological relapse after cessation of Tenofovir therapy. The patients discontinued the Tenofovir therapy due to side effects and went on HOO-IMM PLUS therapy. Further the patient followed up every 3 months for monitoring and within the interval of 4-6 months HBV DNA Quantitative level were monitored.
After the cessation of Tenofovir therapy for 21 days, the mean HBV DNA level was 5.7 log IU/ml. With the follow up of HOO-IMM PLUS treatment in the first 6 months the mean HBV DNA level was 3.5 log IU/ml and the treatment was continued for 12 months reported Target Not Detected for HBV DNA Quantification.

Case 2: Drug naïve HBV individual receiving HOO-IMM PLUS

In this present study, the patient never had any medication pertaining to HBV infection, received HOO-IMM PLUS therapy, they showed good compliance and virological suppressions right after few weeks of treatment. The patients continued the therapy due to the viral decline in the first 4 month of the treatment. Furthermore they followed up for 12 months and they were monitored in the interval of 4 months.
The mean HBV DNA level initially found to be 6.6 log IU/ml that has been declined to mean 3.7 log IU/ml in the first 4 months of the treatment to mean 1.46 log IU/ml in the next 4 months of the treatment followed by Target Not Detected in the 12th month monitoring. Moreover, there is a regulated normal liver enzyme throughout the treatment.


HOO-IMM PLUS An Anti-Viral Treatment For Acute And Chronic HBV Infected Patients

HOO-IMM PLUS, A Herbal Composite Formula Ensures Effective Action On Multiple Targets Simultaneously Anti-HBV, Anti-Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) And Hepatoprotective.

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