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Clinical outcome

Presenting our precise clinical experience with HOO-IMM PLUS treatment for acute and chronic viral Hepatitis.

Active Molecules and action

HOO-IMM PLUS polyherbal formulation consists of number active molecules of different plant species act on multiple targets against HBV.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra:

Glycyrrhizin, a major component of a herb (licorice), has been widely used to treat chronic hepatitis B in Japan. This substance improves liver function with occasional complete recovery from hepatitis
Its effects on the secretion of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) were examined in vitro. Glycyrrhizin suppressed the secretion of HBsAg and accumulated it dose-dependently in PLC/PRF/5 cells.

Phyllanthus Niruri:

An aqueous extract of the plant Phyllanthus niruri inhibits endogenous DNA polymerase of hepatitis B virus and binds to the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus in vitro.
Phyllanthus significantly reduced serum HBV DNA (a marker of efficacy) as well as HBeAg (a marker of viral replication).
A potential anti-HBV agent, ellagic acid, was isolated from the medicinal plant P. niruri, and its physicochemical properties were characterized.
Phyllanthus niruri (Bhumyamalaki) had ability to inhibit HBV polymerase to decrease episomal HBV DNA content by downregulating HBV messenger RNA transcription.

Terminalia Chebula:

Studied and found that 90% of Terminalia chebula ethanolic extracts inhibited on HBs antigen binding assay and HBV DNA polymerase inhibition assay. In silico analysis of potent compounds from Terminalia chebula proved to be effective against Hepatitis B virus.
In HBs antigen binding assay, the lyophilized ethanolic extracts of Terminalia chebula exhibited 60% of maximum inhibition whereas the aqueous extracts showed 55% of inhibition and the control lamivudine exhibited 60% of inhibition.

Cucurma Longa:

Curcumin treatment led to time- and dose-dependent reductions in HBsAg and HBeAg expression and significant reductions in intracellular HBV DNA replication

Andrographis Panicula:

Dehydroandrographolide and andrographolide, two natural diterpenoids isolated fromAndrographis paniculata possessed activity against HBV DNA replication


HOO-IMM PLUS An Anti-Viral Treatment For Acute And Chronic HBV Infected Patients

HOO-IMM PLUS, A Herbal Composite Formula Ensures Effective Action On Multiple Targets Simultaneously Anti-HBV, Anti-Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) And Hepatoprotective.

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